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Cisco wireless network - sticky

By jomul ·
Client has IBM notebooks with Intel wireless and Cisco access points. Notebooks are sticking to prior access points when stronger signal is available from alternative access points. They have tried all of the obvious solutions. Suggestions welcome.

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by ross.bale In reply to Cisco wireless network - ...

There are options within windows that control which networks the laptops will access - there should be an option to setup a preferred network within the network connection settings and remove the setting that allows them to connect to non specified network connection - this will then force the machine to only look for the cisco network.

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by Xanderoth In reply to Cisco wireless network - ...

Also check the cards utilities, you can also setup preffered networks there as well.

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by scrobins In reply to Cisco wireless network - ...

I am assuming that you are using windows xp if not the same should apply but might be in a slightly different area. If you go to your wireless connection under the connect to or network connections page, right click on the wireless card and go to properties. At the top of that box you should see a window that says connect using and then a configure button right below that. That will bring up the cards configuration screen. Clcik the advanced tab. Look for two items. Roam time (sec) and Roam time Threshold (db). Adjusting these two valuing will tell the wireless card at what signal strenght to start looking for a new access point and the Roam time will tell it that after being locked on to the signal for x amount of seconds to start looking for a new access point. my values are roam time 120 (2 minutes) and Roam Threshold 50db

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