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One public ip:,one web server in lan:;how to configure 1841 NAT to public the web server?


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Ever get the feeling someone sits around and makes this stuff up?

by CG IT In reply to RTCM (read the Cisco Manu ...

I certainly do. I mean why would someone who, one assumes, has some knowledge ask this kind of question when plain old common sense would be to look on the mfg's site for how to configure their equipment. Or for that matter simply using Google.

Here are the stats on a google keyword search: Results 1 - 10 of about 384,000 for configure nat on cisco router. (0.27 seconds).

384,000 articles with NAT configure and Cisco as keywords.

And the first one on the list is Cisco's web site.

Maybe it's multi-language support that's the problem seeing how the poster says their from China. :)

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I think it's all kids cheating on some college exams

by robo_dev In reply to Ever get the feeling some ...

and they are texting messages from under their desks, hoping to get a response before the proctor sees them....

"Quick, question 18, the Cisco NAT question....whatya got?"

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little on the tech side for simply kids in school...

by CG IT In reply to I think it's all kids che ...

If a teach asks how to configure NAT on a Cisco router in a high school class I'd think all the kids would avoid taking it. Least here in California kids get to choose elective class like in college.

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