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    Citrix Access Gateway error when remote server is offiline


    by larsliche ·

    We are experience an issue when a remote presentation server is offline, our web interface fails. It is only one of our remote servers that causes this issue. We have another sever that we have tested and we do not experience the same problem

    The set up is as follows.

    Site 1: 2 CAGs / 3 Presntations servers
    Site 2: 1 Presentation server
    Site 3: 1 Presentation server


    Everyone is ultimately directed to site 1. When site 3 is offline nobody can connect and the CAG presents an error on the left side of the screen. If site 2 is offline this issue does not happen. Seems to be specific to only site 3 and it is perlexing to say the least. Anyone experience something like this while using 4.5?

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