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Citrix and Database Connections on 2003 Server

By ktucker ·
Hopefully the wealth of knowledge from the techrepublic group can help me with this problem. I am currently running 2003 Server (specs are moot on all server listed ... all are more than enough power (overkill even (dual xeons, 2 - 4 gigs of memory etc.) with a Pervasive SQL Database powering one of our applications. On that same network segment I have two Citrix servers also running on Windows 2003 in a farm setup (again Xeons with minimum 2 gig of memory). The Dbase server is my DC and running active directory ... the citrix machines are simple member servers on the network within the domain. DNS and DHCP is handled through the DC. All other workstations on the network (windows 2000 and windows XP) attach to the Dbase server and run the application no problems (outside of application glitches) but this is where the problem comes in ...

When clients try to connect to the citrix server they have a problem executing the application attached to the database. This problem only begins happening after maybe 4 hours sometimes clients can connect throughout the day (8 - 5) and about the last hour or so start having issues where clients are kicked out of the application. The issue is not a connection to the citrix server because at any point during the day the clients can connect to the citrix server but the execution of the application associated with the Dbase is the problem that will not start. If I reboot the server (Citrix) everyone can connect again no problem for again the same period of time if all users are logging in. I have 2 servers and about 50 users split between the two. If users were to connect to the Citrix boxes during this problem time all other applications will run lightning speed but this particular app. with the Pervasive SQL dbase will not. If will not kick or lock the citrix users all at one time but almost one by one. The systems are clean from any virus or spyware, they are firewalled to only allow necessary ports from the outside. If I try to run the application locally on the Citrix machines during this problematic time the application still will not open or will take forever to even open (timed at 14 minutes on one instance). If I start logging people off the server one by one the application will eventually come up faster. Meanwhile as I mentioned the servers are more than capable of handling the load ... my cpu using when everyone is logged into the server is about 7 to 15% (max) and the 15 is when I have more than half on one machine. I have work with the application designer (Mom and Pop type company) but their programmers have only concluded that the problem is with something holding up the database from starting. Citrix says it is a Pervasive issue and Pervasive wants to point fingers at Citrix (typical). The servers are running CA antivirus and I have made the application exempt for the AV to prevent scanning of the app and the dbase. All the updates are done on the servers so everything is up to date there. The version of Pervasive is 8. The server also have static addresses assigned on the same private network. Hopefully this is enough info for anyone who might have experienced a similar incident and has any ideas. Thanks guys and gals.

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Domain Controller Running Applications

by BFilmFan In reply to Citrix and Database Conne ...

I have never been an advocate of running applications on domain controllers, as you will almost always see resource issues. Microsoft also doesn't recommend running applications on DCs for a variety of resource and security reasons.

If you attempt to run the application on the DC when the users are having issues, does it run? If not, then the issue is certainly the domain controller is resource conflicted.

What does LSASS utilization look like on the DC's and the Citrix servers? You should check both the memory and CPU utilization. I suspect that resource utilization on the domain controller is the issue, since you stated that if you disconnect users the application begins to work.

In addition to the users connecting via Citrix, how many other users is this domain controller supporting?

Is this a single DC forest/domain? If not, what roles is the domain controller holding?

Are there any LDAP querying applications installed, such as Exchange?

What service packs and hot fixes have been installed on the domain controller and the member servers? There are several well-known issues with SP2 for Windows 2003 and Citrix.

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