Citrix, client "Program Neighborhood"

By Elemental ·
Hello Folks,

I recently installed the Citrix client "Program Neighborhood" on my home pc (winXP) so that I could log on to my Work servers (win2003); check emails, etc. However, I keep getting a time restriction message even though I have no time restritions on my user profile sessions.

The Citrix software is an old version MetaFrame 1.80 and it's running on a Windows 2000 server NOT on NT.

The thing is, I have no problem logging in using my CTO's Username and Password but even though I have the same credentials as he does, mine's not working.

(In addition, the GUI that you would use to set the session's time is MIA in the windows 2000 server. ????)

I've been told that there's a DOS command I can use to set/resolve this issue, any DOS gurus out there?

Any help, please...


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New Way to Access Citrix Presentation Server

by mohd1024 In reply to Citrix, client "Program N ...

Hello All,
I have tried many ways to connect to Citrix Presentation Server, but lately I have found the best way ever.
It is a new web service developed by Extentrix. you download it in your Citrix Presentation Server or on other web server connected to it.
by this you can develop your own application in any language or platform and query the applications from the server using the standard web service.

I advise every one who works on Citrix Presentation Server to download and try it free from :

it has solved me many problems. in the site you will find examples on how to consume the web service using java, c#.Net and others.
Best Wishes.

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Citrix, client "Program Neighborhood"

by Elemental In reply to New Way to Access Citrix ...


Thank you but your post doesn't solve, help my situation; I'm lookin to resolve my current Citrix issue.


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Citrix, client "Program Neighborhood"

by Elemental In reply to Citrix, client "Program N ...


I was able to resolve my own problem via the DOS Command net user [username]time|all

You can also be more specific and restrict the user with specified dates and times of access.


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