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By Starbury ·
Hi everyone,
we are currently expanding the amount of users that we have using our citrix metaframe connection. I was wondering how are people addressing the issue of web surfing. I dont want to personally use IE since it is located on the server, I do not want users navigating to sites that could potentially have malicious content and possible compromise the whole system. My suggestion is to use Mozilla or maybe even firefox as a web browser. The only thing is that my boss doesnt see a real need to switch. we also are utilizing more thin clients so this is the only means for people connecting to the system..... I'm curious about how people are running similar systems.

please advise

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by ITgirli In reply to Citrix Enviornment

You only have one server?

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by Starbury In reply to ?

we have a small company (70 users)
and not everyone is using citrix at the current moment. Eventually that is where we want to move everyone over, obviously when that decision is made then we will have to beef that server up and get another one for load balancing, etc. I am fairly a rookie and i'm just curious to see if i am thinking in the right direction.

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you need more servers.

by ITgirli In reply to

I am new to the IT world. less than three months into my first real IT job. My company has less than 100 people. We have 5 servers here and two in our branch location. Our branch location has 7 people. You need more servers. Your email should be handled by one. Citrix by another. another with firewalls and stuff. You cannot run all of that on one (I guess you can, but it's severly not advised). Talk to your boss and tell him you need more servers. at least one.

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by Starbury In reply to you need more servers.

we have about 17 servers..... each running different things on them. we host a sleu of different websites, we only have 1 citrix server. sorry for the confusion.

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Citrix Server Considerations

by CrazyHickman In reply to misunderstood

Things that need to be considered when sizing a Citrix server or quantity of servers: 1)Number of concurrent users; 2) what applications and what are their resource requirements; 3) Size of Citrix server.
Another major point to be considered is redundancy, if you loose your Citrix server, how critical to the users to have access to their published applications or desktops. You may need an extra server for this.

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7 is too many...

by Arcomm In reply to you need more servers.

I've been doing IT for over 20 years and am willing to bet you have too many. When I was new I thought more was better too, but experience taught me otherwise. I specialize in server consolidation projects and in utilizing standardized procedures for selecting, building and maintaining them in a manner that ensures nearly 100% uptime.

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Is this internal, or external?

by Cactus Pete In reply to Citrix Enviornment

Are the clients inside the office? If so, they should use their own desktop for surfing. If not, they should use their own connection for surfing.

There should be no surfing from the Citrix server(s) except for published intranet sites.

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by Starbury In reply to Is this internal, or exte ...

I agree that there should be no surfing as well. Answering your questions, 1. there are some users (about 5, we have 70 users) who have thin clients. My company likes the idea of thin clients and essentially wants to roll this out to everyone. I guess my question is how would you best handle this situation, the nature of our business is such that our users need access to various sites. My boss suggests to just leave IE the way it is (at highest security level) and just educate users on how to add sites to the trusted domain. My problem with that is that users will just add any site to their trusted zone.


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by Cactus Pete In reply to Surfing

Well, that's tough.

If the server MUST be a point from which to surf, then you will need a strong firewall and proxy server - AT THE LEAST. This is more complex, and more costly. But just one unlucky user who caught the wrong site once can bring down your entire system and make the whole compny rather unproductive!

For most firms, that is just too risky.

You would have to lock things down at the firewall/proxy way too far and hire an additional staff member simply to add sites to the Allow list all day long as the disgruntled users call them in...

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Convincing the boss

by BlueKnight In reply to Citrix Enviornment

Convincing the boss shouldn't be too hard. Just hand him a pile of the vast number of security alert notices involving IE and point out what they each mean. Before you get to the bottom of the pile he should see that Mozilla or Firefox (which I'm now using) are a better choice.

Many places discourage web surfing unless it's job related. You might ask the boss to think about implementing such a policy (if not already in place) in addition to changing browsers.
In the meantime, make sure you have good backups and that intrusion/virus protection is up to date.

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