Citrix fun...... Phantom and missing apps.

By bart777 ·
We moved our SQL database that controls our Citrix PS4.5 farm to a new server. In the process we encountered some very strange behavior.

First, when we moved the database to the new server (SQL2005-another 2005 box) and redirected the ODBC settings all appeared to be working and we didn't worry much about it. 2 hours later we noticed in the Management console that some of the servers were reporting that they could not see the farm database. After some research we discovered that the SQL server account and DB account had become disconnected. This was fixed but did not resolve our issue.

Next we performed a CHFARM on the offending servers to re-register them with the farm. Again all appeared to be working. We verified that all of the apps were still there and security was not affected.

About an hour later users began to call complaning that their applications had disappeared from the WI. After looking at the console we confirmed that about 80% of the apps were in fact missing. There was no apparent pattern to the apps. The only thing we could confirm was that all of the DEV server apps were gone. On the production servers it was hit or miss. Some folders had all of thier apps in them. Others had lost 10 out of 12.

In addition to this we have 1 application that will no longer show properties. If you right click the app all you get is View and Help. I can reset the view of the console but cannot do anything with the app. We can't even delete it.

Any ideas as to what might have caused this? Any thoughts on how I can remove that bad app?

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