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Citrix - is it any good

By masochst ·
My company is thinking of changing from an ordinary windows NT4 based network to a citrix based netowrk. I'm not sure yet what citrix product may be used, but I've been reading up on their MetaFrame setup. I've also read up a bit on their wireless setup. Have any of you used a citrix network, and are there any major flaws? My company has about 100 staff, including people who dial in, road warriors and 3 offices that are connected to the head office through an always on connection. Any thoughts?

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Citrix is a good solution.......

by Goobs In reply to Citrix - is it any good

Citrix is a good solution if you have planned completely. You need to make sure that you have the servers to support this. Remember that all resources on the server are shared by the clients connected, therefore, mult-processor, high memory, systems would be necessary.

Are you planning on EVERYONE connecting to Citrix through either a thin-client or VPN connection? If so, then you will probably need two Cirix servers minimum with load balancing configured. You will be better off running a separate, high powered server for an application server so that the resources for your Citrix server are not used trying to run apps off of it.

Again, Citrix server is a great solution and I am re-planning the use of it for our satellite officesright now. Make sure, also, to configure the clients properly or they will complain of slow refreshes of the screen when connected.

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Not Ever Again

by FrankTech In reply to Citrix is a good solution ...

I have been using Metaframe 1.8 for 2 years and can't wait to get rid of it. It seems every couple of weeks something else rears it's ugly head that I spend hous trying to decifer and fix.

You would think it would improve remote computing,think again.

I will be having a party when I replace it with some sort of Deployment Software.

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by Prana7 In reply to Citrix - is it any good

be honestly with you. i most used PCanywhere than Citrix. I once used Citrix. It was allright. Have you try PCanywhere or gotoMypc on worth to try. it is up to you

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