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Citrix system requirements.

By AlexIowaCr1 ·

I am running into a issue. I have a Citrix environment that is running the following hardware setup.

2 x 3gig Pentium Processors
4 gig of ram
*hard drive is not my issue*

Ok this is going to be on a stand alone box with Win2k3 Server sp1. This is supporting around a 100 users for a specific application. At times this application will be doing heavy calculations... I know we need to boost it up... But to what size is the question? Hope I got all the info out.



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by lowlands In reply to Citrix system requirement ...

It is hard to tell from the info you have given. it all depends on the application.

Your best bet is to try having 5 or so users run the app and see what the load on the system is. Then you could extrapolate to the needed load.

It also depends on the Citrix version you'll be using.

On the webpage below you'll find a document that has some more detailed info

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by AlexIowaCr1 In reply to

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Citrix system requirement ...

Somewhere in the past I heard that about 40-50 connections for a citrix server is about where you want to start thinking about another server. With that said, is your machine capable of a quad processor system and 8 megs of memory? I would reccommend that you do a study on the application to see how much memory each user is going to require to just run the application. After you find those figures then multiply by number of simultanious users and there is your ram requirement plus 1-2 gig for the operating system and citrix management. Say 50MB per user and 100 users you would need about 6-7GB of memory to run the server. As far as processor power, If this is a critical application that must have priority, then 4 processors. When I had to support a citrix farm it was about 40 users per machine. Each machine was a dual processor 2.4 xeon i believe, with 4 gigs of ram.

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by AlexIowaCr1 In reply to

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by rkuhn In reply to Citrix system requirement ...

Our situation is 100+ users but probably never more than 50 on Citrix at a time usually less.

2 servers. 1.4Ghz processors with 2GB RAM each. More than adequate.

I'd recommend 2 servers. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Provides redundancy.

I know that goes against conventional wisdom with everyone wanting to consolidate servers and all, but the redundancy factor is important too.

What would you do if a server with quad processor and 8GB of RAM went down?

2 servers will cost you but it'll be worth it.

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by rkuhn In reply to

BTW, our Citrix servers go down more than any of our other servers.

Patch issues with Microsoft mostly. Testing ahead of time isn't realistic here. SP1 gave us all kinds of grief when it first came out.

Also, Citrix servers have a tendency to be much harder to secure than others. Half of our users on-line is better than none of our users on-line.

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by AlexIowaCr1 In reply to

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by AlexIowaCr1 In reply to Citrix system requirement ...

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