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Citrix vs Remote Office

By BPorter ·
We are a three office CPA firm that is currently operating on three seperate networks - NT4/SP6, NT4/SP6 and Windows P2P.

Currently, the two remote offices can connect to the home office via VPN (cable and dialup internet connections) sessions with limited functionality.

We are looking for options on how to provide the remote offices with a more robust connection, and perhaps re-centralizing the databases in the home office.

To this end, any thoughts/opinions on Citrix/Terminal Server or a WAN alternative? Other ideas


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Citrix Solution

by jkeeley In reply to Citrix vs Remote Office

We have just implemented a test Citrix/Terminal Server solution for access to a mainframe based application and have found it much better than using a standard dial up connection with telnet. We are going to install a second Citrix server (since this one works better than expected0 for remote network administration functions via the web (or client for that matter).

I would recommend that you take a close look at Citrix.


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Citrix Solution 2

by CharlesLloyd In reply to Citrix Solution

We run a centralized W2K TS/Citrix MF environment with 21 Citrix servers serving users coast to coast. Works great accross FrameRelay and also have dial-in access. Also use Client access thru Citrix to mainframes. For centralized data and application access it allows users to see an Administrator regulated desktop that functions like NT 4 or W2K. Also centralized application control and updates. Our servers handle over 35 users per, depends on applications being used.
Citrix has client software for every type of PC OS also so can use PC's that you have for users.

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Why Bother with Citrix?

by georgeh13 In reply to Citrix Solution 2

Windows 2000, Terminal Server with RDP5 works perfectly well.

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You get what you pay for

by pbickford In reply to Why Bother with Citrix?

Citrix has been doing this longer than Microsoft so the ICA compression is more advanced than Microsoft's. Plus, Citrix has mastered load balancing which is vital for a multiserver environment.

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by elos In reply to Citrix Solution

Agree, Citrix is good.
just created a farm, looks ok

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