Citrix XenCenter - how to clone a VM?

By jrocksuki ·

Does anyone know how to clone a VM in Citrix XenCenter without having to convert the VM into a template and cloning the VM? Basically cloning directly from a live VM.

I read somewhere you can do it from the CLI via "xe -s server vm-clone vm=VM-NAME new-name-label=NEW-VM-NAME -u user -pw password". But when I do this I just get an error:

Error: Connection reset by peer (calling read )

Searching what this error means doesn't give any info regarding VM cloning.

Thanks in advance

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Is the VM shutdown?

by Andrew Marr In reply to Citrix XenCenter - how to ...

You can't clone a VM that is running.

I often use this script which might help show the process -

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Variables to change

by jrocksuki In reply to Citrix XenCenter - how to ...

Thanks Andrew. That looks like the script that would work, although I'm not sure which variables I have to change (apart from SERVER, USERNAME and PASSWORD).

Do I have to change the <vm_uuid_to_duplicate> to the actual vm uuid value? I.e. Running "xe host-list" on the xenserver to get the value.

Also I'm pretty sure I need to change the "new-name-label=cloned_vm" to the name of the new cloned vm - but would you be able to confirm that?

Thanks very much

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Not much to change

by Andrew Marr In reply to Citrix XenCenter - how to ...

Yes, naturally change the server, username and password etc).

You are welcome to change the cloned_vm variable if you wish.

Then launch the script with the VM name you want to clone.

Give it whirl, let me know if you error out.

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