clashing LAN & INTERNET Connections!!!!!

By angel.tdw ·
i have 8 systems running on lan in my office,,,, IP range, -
SUBNET:- LAN:- nvidia builtin
OS- XP SP2, running as admin in all systems...
without domain, in WORKGROUP:- ANGEL
SYSTEM with IP:-, is called SERVER

everything was working fine till now,,but now i tool an internet connection, connected a new lan card. my ISP provides IP adress throu DHCP.
my internet works fine..

but now the problem that i m facing is, internet works fine, but when i try 2 browse the local network, when i click on "view workgroup comp", the system hangs for 15-20 sec, and then displays the connected pcs...while thats not the case in other pcs connected in lan,,, server also used 2 open other pcs in lan before,,,, but now it takes so much time adn hangs 4 sme time 2....before displaying... then i found out the when i disable "client for microsoft networks" in internet conenction,setting,, the problem goes away.... but then a new prob arrises,,,after 2-3 hrs,of lan usage,, my lan disappears,,, and no 1 can browse the network anymore till restart the pc, this prob isnt there till "client for microsoft networks" is enabled but that causes the lan 2 slow down browsing on server ...(server only, remember..thou the ping 2 other pcs goes smoothly..)
i have even checked out all my firewall and antivirys settings,,,, even formatted my system.... but the prob remains....

help needed pals....
at present i have enabled the client my lan browsing is very slow....



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