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Class A subnetting

By topbudgetcomputers ·
Hi all, I have a question. what is the range of class A subnet? Is it
a) 0-126
b) 0-127
c) 1-126
d) 1-127
Various publications refer to various ranges. This should be a good discussion with a good knowledge outcome

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by topbudgetcomputers In reply to Class A subnetting

Is a valid class A IP address?

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The answer is...

by khmikkelsen In reply to

The range of a class A address is:
0-126 but there is really no zero network id because 2 to the zero power is 1 is not a valid network address. 127 is reserved for loopback which is

hope this helps

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zero = 1 ?

by topbudgetcomputers In reply to The answer is...

So what you are saying is "the range is from 0 - 126, but because 0^0=1, we have to substitute 1 for zero. 127 is reserved. OK. BUT, what class is it in? It is certainly not class B (128-191). Is it a reserved address range OF (i.e belonging to) class A?

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Class A Subnet

by allen In reply to Class A subnetting

A class A Subnet is 1-126.
Technically the range would go from 0-127, but 0 is not allowed because you must have at least one bit of data describing the network address. 127 is invallid in that is is reserved for the localhost loopback address. If you ping "localhost" you will get a reply from I hope this helps

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