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Class B or C Address for 40 sites?????

By Panther007 ·
I am having to setup frame relay from one corporate location to 40 remote ones and I was told that there are certain advantages to using private Class B IP addresses rather than Class C IP addresses. What advantages can there be of doing this? It cant be growth since class C should be OK since I have only 40 remote locations. Any ideas?

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40 sites

by DukeBytes In reply to Class B or C Address for ...

1st off - you don't need a private class for this. I would use a reserved class B (172.16....) and nat any traffic out to the internet from the main office. This will give you control/security/and many other things that would be much better than real addresses at each site.

If you really need to have private addresses at those locations I would go with a Class B - you will need it for all the subnets that are going to be required to be able to route it. I'm a little confused why you want private IP addrs - but you will need a class B either way for the subnetting.

The only way you can use a class C is with a /30 and that will give you 62 subnets (more than enough for 40 locations) but only 2 host addresses for each subnet - if youonly have 1 or 2 people at each site - that will work. BUT NO GROWTH AT ALL can ever happen at a location.

Good luck,

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