Class Project help needed

Hello all,

I'm taking a Intro to PC OS class (2nd half of A+ but haven't taken hardware yet) and have a project coming due. The Prof wants us to:

Create an image that is completely configured so that it can be applied to multiple workstations.

The installation of the image and applications must be automated
so that once the installation is started there is no need for any
human interaction.

It needs to install Windows 10 and have the following applications installed: Chrome, Adobe, Firefox, & 7-Zip

I've created an answer file using Windows SIM configuring pass 1/4/7 but I have no idea on the next steps. I'm not sure how to get the 4 programs included in the install (Prof says it can be put into the ISO or can be placed on the thumb-drive separately).

The Prof says it can either be a part of the OS install or they can install right after first boot but needs to be automated either way.

Of all the searching I've done I keep finding articles on silent installs of these programs after the image has been deployed as though it's being done from a server on a network. I appreciate any guidance you all can provide.



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Have you tried reading your course text books?

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Class Project help needed

I would guess your answers are in the required/suggested reading and study materials.
That's sort of what school is supposed to be for, rather than an experiment in social networking it seems to be heading towards.
Yeah, I'm old and kind of old school...classes are for learning. Enjoy them while you can, because "real life" can be a harsh instructor!

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It's not in the learning material

by charleshoagland In reply to Have you tried reading yo ...

The class uses Cengage Mindtap and this isn't covered in the Intro to PC OS.

He specifically said this isn't something we've gone over and it's designed to force us to find the answers on our own. In his words "There will come a time someone comes to you and says 'get this done' and you may have no idea how to do it."

From his instructions: Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with working with others to develop a solution to a request or task in which you likely have limited to no knowledge about.

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Ahh, an "Intro to Real Life" assignment!

Back in my days in college, such an assignment meant trips to the library, studying through various resources, references and books. Fortunately for you, there's this thingamajig called the internet, and there are search engines such as duckduckgo, bing, google and so forth! Might give those a shot! Good luck,

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I figured this forum to be a resource

by charleshoagland In reply to Ahh, an "Intro to Real Li ...

I've searched (as I said in the last paragraph of my initial post) and that's why I came to a tech forum for help.

Everything I'm coming across is showing how to do silent installs from a server after the image has been deployed. He specifically wants the 4 programs either installed with the OS or at initial boot. Either way it needs to be fully automated.

I've completed the answer file for the install of the OS but have no idea how to proceed beyond that.

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Well assuming that you know what is wanted here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Class Project help needed

All you have to do is make a Image of the OS and Installed Programs and roll it out from that image.

Of course this doesn't work all that well and is something I have avoided over the years because it doesn't work all that well but provided you are working with the same hardware over all the workstations all you have to do is load one to what you want and then using your prefered software make an image of that which can be rolled out from either an ISO or loaded onto a Thumb Drive.

While you can chose to install indivual software after the OS load this normally requires intervention to do, so with no input it's better to make the Original Image with some type of Cloning Software with everything installed and then load the other workstations from that Cloned Image.

How you chose to do that is up to you but it's not Rocket Science it's straight forward IT work but I should say that Windows isn't such a great OS for this as it simply needs drivers installed so if you need to install this Image to different Hardware it gets very complicated very quickly as even Windows 10 needs it's hardware drivers supplied it simply does not load default drivers that work all that well if at all.

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Thank's for the info OH Smeg

by charleshoagland In reply to Well assuming that you kn ...

I'm 6 weeks in to my first ever "IT" class so "straight forward IT work" is a bit over my head. I thought an intro class to operating systems would be a good place to start, this has been an experience to say the least.

So say I use Hyper-V to install Windows 10 and then install the 4 programs into it and create the image, once packaged does the image install from the thumb drive like a normal ISO would? Does it use the answer file I created?

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Depends how you go about it.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank's for the info OH S ...

No matter how you install the original it's all to do with the Cloning Software and how that works. However most work in a way that allows you to Auto Install from an ISO Image either from a Central Server or Whatever.

I can only speak in generalities here as I have no idea what you want to use and they all do similar things but can do them differently so the directions for one will be useless for another.

But none the less All Clonign Software allows you to install from the Image that they make, be that an ISO which is the most common or a Specalist File Format that the Cloning Software may make and use.

The last Image maker I used was NLite back in the days of XP so I'm well out of the process these days as it's not something I am involved in doing any more.

Hope that is of some help.

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Finished and submitted, thank you much

by charleshoagland In reply to Depends how you go about ...

Finished and submitted, will find out my fate in class today =)

Thanks for the assistance, I ended up doing a clean install in Hyper-V, installing the 4 programs, inserting the answer file and then used DISM to create the ISO. I used Rufus to make the bootable thumb drive since the ISO swelled to 6.1gb.

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