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What is the difference between Class A, Class B and Class C..? Which is the best one to use and why..?

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by Integrity In reply to classes

There are five IP classes, A, B, C, D, E.

Class A Scope: 1 - 127 Default mask
Class B Scope: 128 - 1** Default mask
Class C Scope: 192 - 255 Default mask

Class D is for Multicasts, Class E is for experimental use.

Class A with default mask gives the fewest networks but the most hosts, 126 networks and 16Million hosts.
Class B with default mask gives, 16k networks and 65k hosts.
Class C with default mask gives fewest hosts but more networks, 2 Million networks, 254 hosts.

There are a few IP address that are reserved these are: -> Loopback address network is for private use, cannot be used for WAN connections unless NAT/Proxy server is being used. network is for private use. -> network is for private use.

The class you use is dependant upon the number of IPs within your network needed and what future IP may be required.

If you want any more info please just ask.

Hope this helps.

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