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Clean install of Linux

By K861974 ·
Am having a Toshiba Satellite M200 laptop which came with Vista Home Basic preinstalled. When I found Vista as troublesome I tried installing XP but driver support wasn't there. Recently I upgraded to Windows 7. Though I am not facing any problems with my current OS, still I would like to know whether I can install Linux Ubuntu as the only OS in my system.
If yes, then how to do it? Will I get drivers for all the component?
I heard Linux is very secure; is it so when compared to Windows? Suggestions and ideas welcome.
PS: Am not a techie, please layman's answer would be appreciated.
Thanks to all the contributors here. Am getting more answers here than anywhere and plausible too...lols.

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RE: I would like to know whether I can install Linux Ubuntu as the only

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Clean install of Linux

Yes you can but there is a Proviso here.

The Toshiba NB's come with a Recovery Partition and if you want to return the As New Condition you need to use either the Recovery Partition if you have not made a Recovery Set or if you have not bought a Recovery Set from Toshiba for this computer.

You'll need to delete the Windows Partition normally I would say use Kill Disc but they will take out the Recovery Partition as well.

If this isn't an issue for you you can download Kill Disc from here free

Grab the Free Suite and burn it to a CD before you start doing anything.

As for Ubuntu if you do not already have a copy you can get one from here
You'll need to make a Boot CD here before starting to delete anything on your existing system.

After you have made these 2 Disc's and labeled at least one of them to not get them mixed up you can insert the Kill Disc Disc and restart the computer. If this unit doesn't go to the Kill Disc Disc to boot from you'll need to enter the BIOS and reset the Boot Order to Optical Drive before the HDD then save the changes as you exit the Bios and they you'll get the system running the Kill Disc Suite.

Select the Kill Disc Wiping Utility and let it wipe the drive. This will take quite a bit of time anywhere up to a couple of Hours. After it is finished remove the Kill Disc Disc and fit the Ubuntu Install Disc that you made previously and restart he computer.

It's just a matter of following the Prompts and entering a Root or Master Password and a User Password as well as telling the Installer where In the world you are and what Language to use.

Drivers shouldn't be an issue with Ubuntu but if you are worried about this you should try the Live Ubuntu to see what hardware is working when you Load the Live Ubuntu.

A Live Linux runs off a CD/DVD depending on the version and will show you what hardware is supported Natively that means you don't need to install Drivers for. You can get the Live Ubuntu here

Just click on Ubuntu and follow the links to the Live Distribution.

post back if you need more help.


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