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Clean Install of XP Pro

By AT26 ·
I have XP Home on my laptop at home and would like to upgrade to XP Pro. I have been told that you can do a clean install from a XP Professional upgrade disc, is this true? If so please explain. I have backed up the laptop data, I realize I will loose all data on the laptop.

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by TheChas In reply to Clean Install of XP Pro

Yes, you can perform a clean install.

Double check that ALL data is backed up.

Create a boot disk.
(You may want to use a W98 or W2K startup disk.)

Boot from the floppy, and run fdisk.

Delete the non-dos or primary DOS partition.

Exit fdisk.

Boot up from the XP Pro CD.

Install XP.

At some point you will be asked to insert the CD for XP home or whatever version of Windows you have that qualifies for the upgrade.

Complete the installation.

Install Updates

Restore your files.


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by AT26 In reply to
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by jaboy78 In reply to Clean Install of XP Pro

Not much different between this 2 OS.
Just login domain only.

Not recommended to upgrade.
Home edition for standalone is better.

But if u really want to upgrade, use partition magic to partition ur harddrive to 2.

Then backup all ur data to d drive.. if ur nex partition drive is d.
They u start booting from ur XP Pro CD and delete c partition and start installing without losing ur data on ur d drive.

After u have done, transfer all ur data to c drive and install partition magic again to set the partion to one drive.


Its quite troublesome for u, but a least u able to clean install without losing ur data.

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by AT26 In reply to

Didn't want to use 3rd party software to complete task.

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by dmiles In reply to Clean Install of XP Pro

XP Pro is a bootable CD insert in disk drive
The setup window will appear,it will check disk and system compatibility and ask if you want to load updates,you will get a window that will give you the recommended installation,click on the arrow beside the box and choose to do a clean install,setup should then run install

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by AT26 In reply to
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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Clean Install of XP Pro

what you have been told so far is true. However, some of the discs sold as 'upgrade' versions will not autoload unless you have an existing MS Windows system loaded and accessing the disc via that system.

You can get around this by creating a Win 98 boot disc.

You boot the system using the boot disc, rename your existing Windows directory to anything but Windows.

Then using DOS commands you got to the CD drive
assuming the drive is 'D' you get


then type 'cd I386', then type 'WINNT.EXE'

this takes you to the default load executable program for all versions of WIN NT (of which XP is the latest) and start a DOS load process fro the operating system.

This will take longer to load but it will give you a full install from an 'upgrade' disc as it bypasses the program that checks for an active Windows operating system before loading, it also bypasses the quickload aspects of the disc as well.

BTW this will work on any version of WIN NT, 2000 and XP but NOT on Win 95, 98 or ME.

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by AT26 In reply to

good back-up plan in case earlier suggestions don't work as advertised.

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by AT26 In reply to Clean Install of XP Pro

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