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Clean renewable energy, dispite Democratic opposition

By jdclyde ·
The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, http://www.saveoursound.org/About/Position is strongly against the wind farm going in THEIR neighborhood because "This will cause visual, noise and light pollution."

The charge has been led by Senator Ted Kennedy, who has always been an advocate of the environment and a sound energy policy, until this project came along.

More links about the case:
Kennedy faces fight on Cape Wind

Off-Shore Wind Farm Opponents Lose Massachusetts Court Battle

Ten Taxpayer Citizens Group, et al. v. Cape Wind Assocs., 373 F.3d 183 (1st Cir. 2004)

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly opts out of case over wind farm cables

Do you oppose wind farms? If so, why? What would be your solution instead?

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chuckle, I read about this over the summer

by DanLM In reply to Clean renewable energy, d ...

Talk about being two faced.

Where I just moved from 2 years, they fought for years to put wind farms on top of a mountain. This was Carbendale, Pennsylvania.

You heard every argument from spoil the view to protect the owls/birds. What a crock. All of it.

It's again, yes I support this technology. But not in my back yard.

This should be a campaign issue used against Edward Kennedy. For all his talk, he isn't willing to apply that to his own area where he lives. And if their are any Republicans opposing this, they should have the same done to them.

And they don't want us using fossil fuels, or searching for more. What do they want. God forbid if someone wanted to put up solar arrays in their area. Which in that climate, I know wouldn't work. But you get my point.


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hold it against Kennedy?

by jdclyde In reply to chuckle, I read about thi ...

not likely.

Any moron that has voted for him in the past is so completely retarded that he could kill someone again and it wouldn't matter.

He could get kicked out of college (oh yeah, he was!) and it wouldn't matter.

A real disgusting human, and anyone that WOULD vote for him has no standards in life and no brain.

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The amount of birds killed by wind farms

by mjwx In reply to chuckle, I read about thi ...

is considerably less than the amount of birds killed by windscreens :)

My only concern about wind power is it depends on the wind, making it unreliable. But I live in a flat low lying country, I don't know what the wind is like in Pennsylvania.

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Where they placed the wind farm was at the top of a mountain ridge

by DanLM In reply to The amount of birds kille ...

Nowhere did I read, and I followed this pretty close, anything that brought up scientific evidence why it shouldn't be placed there.

The only thing I can say for their argument against the windmills is that Pennsylvania is one of the largest old growth forest states in the US. Huge amounts of forest land, which means huge amounts of wild life. But, unlike oil rigs and other possible pollutant solutions. What harm can wind mill's do???? Noise pollution? In this area, numerous highways already detected that area.

Did it, or will it power the area. Nope, but it will contribute to the supply in a non pollutant manner.

Something else that is done in that area. There are numerous landfill's there(too many, butt ugly). They have started producing electricity with the methane gas from these landfills in old co gen plants. This has been a notable contribution to the electrical grid in that area. Taking the waste product produced by our garbage and producing electricity in a profitable manner. Wish more could be done like this.


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What harm can come?

by deepsand In reply to Where they placed the win ...

Well, place them in birds' major flyways, and the harm will become evident soon enough.

A look at what ill placed dams have down to fish populations will serve to provide an example of how "harmless" human activities can have far ranging unintended consequences.

Remember the adage that "you cannot do just one thing."

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Again, this was a populated area.

by DanLM In reply to What harm can come?

With congestion, noise pollution, and all the ill's that go with populated area's. I do not think that was an issue. Also, the elevation was not that high.

I've seen articles where the death's from bird's flying into high rise's were discussed.... Ie, NY. I would venture that these bird death's are much higher.


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Actually, the elevation is higher than is seems.

by deepsand In reply to Again, this was a populat ...

While the mountain peaks there may not tower above the valleys, the valleys themselves are a considerable height above sea level; the entire state of PA in increase in altitude as one moves from the Delaware Bay northward into New York.

Furthermore, that an area may be populated and "polluted" is of little consequence to migrating birds, as they are using the prevailing and favorable wind currents to transit over such areas, not to get to such areas.

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Crock? Hardly.

by deepsand In reply to chuckle, I read about thi ...

The proposed windmill farms would have been atop mountains. The mountains in question are world renowned for their wind currents, which are used by a great many species of birds, particularly as flyways during migration seasons. These winds are so strong, reliable and far ranging that the area is a mecca for glider pilots.

Had the windmill farms been built astride the mountains, the toll on birds of prey would have been staggering.

One does not make the planet a better habitat by destroying that which gives it beauty.

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Are we talking the same place sandy?

by DanLM In reply to Crock? Hardly.

They built the windmills. You can see them from the highway.

Thats why I ask.


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It's one of several sites that were targeted for windmill farms.

by deepsand In reply to Are we talking the same p ...

Many sites in the Applachian (PA) & Adirondack (NY) mountains, which are major flyways for migrating birds, had been selected as being ideal for windmill farms, with little or no envirnmental impact studies having been done.

Having grown up in Centre County, and having well traveled the surounding counties, including those between Centre County and New York, I am quite familiar with the avian species that populate the areas. The same winds that are favorable for glider planes are those which are used by the birds for long range soaring; and, it is these winds which are also quite amenable to generating wind power.

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