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clean up hard drive

By blueboy222 ·
what's the best way to wipe out all the data on
the hard drive before i sell my computer (ibm)

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clean up hard drive

by opatzg In reply to clean up hard drive

Install a blank hard drive! Otherwise there are recovery companies out htere who for a price can pretty much bring back anything or so they claim.
Safe thing to do,
format /u
format /u again
copy some huge files and erase them
fdisk format again

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clean up hard drive

by dave.osborne In reply to clean up hard drive

Use this program ...

Active@ KillDisk - Hard Drive Eraser is powerful and compact DOS software that allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. It's a hard drive eraser utility.

Found at http://www.killdisk.com/ and the free version will do what you want it to.

Hope this helps.


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clean up hard drive

by TheChas In reply to clean up hard drive

There are numerous disk over-write utilities available.
Check www.nonags.com
and www.download.com

If you have Norton Tools, there is a utility included.

If you use one, make sure it meets DOD specifications.

To expand upon OpatzG's recommendation.
Boot from a startup floppy.
run fidsk and delete all partitions.
Re-boot, and run fdisk again.
Create new partitions of different sizes than the old partitions.
Re-boot and format. Since this will be seen as a new drive, the /u switch is not necessary.

Repeat the above at least one more time using different partition sizes.

Unless you are including a licensed copy of Windows with the PC, I recommend that you run fdisk once more.
Use fdisk /mbr
Then fdisk and delete ALL partitions.
Leave the drive un-partitioned on the system.

The more you do to the drive, the harder it is for anyone to recover the data.

Now, only you can determine if the data is worth the value of the hard drive.
If the data is sensitive or valuable, replace the drive, and physically destroy the platters on the old drive.


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clean up hard drive

by csmith In reply to clean up hard drive

Use a utility that writes over the data several times .
A destructive hard disk test utility will do the same thing, by writing several different data paterns to each byte, and making sure it can read them back.

To create deception, zero fill the disk, partition, format, load the operating system, and add some harmless software (word processor, browser, games, etc.) that was not previously loaded.
Regards, Chris

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clean up hard drive

by colin_mendonca In reply to clean up hard drive

copy the information to another harddisk and use the command FDISK to partion the drive.

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