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clean xp pro installation

By jarif93 ·
i am trying to install xp pro on to a computer:
cpu amd k6 2/4oo
memory 256
power supply 130w
hard drive 3Gb
text phase is fine but when it reboots the first time to start gui phase, i can see window xp logo then it reboots it does not get any further. does not matter what i do.compatability does not report anything.
this computer had windows 98se installed i deleted everything,its a clean installation.
i ideas????

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by TheChas In reply to clean xp pro installation

While "technically" your system has enough resources for XP, I think you will be disappointed with the performance of XP on so minimal a system.

That said, I have found XP to be MUCH more critical of even a small error in system hardware. I have had to change out RAM, video cards, monitors and even motherboards to get XP to install on older PCs.

On your system, I am most concerned by the small power supply. XP places a much higher load on the system hardware than 98 and might just be forcing the system to request more power than the power supply can provide.

The flip side of your problem is that any money spent on hardware upgrades or replacement would be better spent on a newer faster system.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to clean xp pro installation

I'm with Chas on the PS Issue a 130 W is way too small for any half way decent system.

The other thing that may be causing problems is the 3 GIG HDD as this is very small and will only support a minimal install of XP.

Now for the compatibility check that isn't always accurate and even if you have the Compatibility Tool that MS has withdrawn it was only good for the Original XP and hardware that worked perfectly on XP caused the HDD to be erased when SP1 was installed. I spent a week with a computer and a not so old one when SP1 was released and all because the Samsung DVD reader wasn't compatible with SP1.

The common problems in the compatibility side of things are Optical Drives particularly Burners but you are not restricted to just these. I have a friend with a K62 350 Running XP quite happily although slowly so that CPU will run XP but I did update the RAM to 256 MEG for him before installing XP and removed the old Optical Drives and replaced them with new units and a bigger HDD would be nice something like a 20 GIG unit as XP is much bigger than 98 ever could hope to be.

Also if you can replace the PS with a standard unit fit at least a 350 W PS as it will help the system no end of course as you didn't mention the make of this unit that may not be possible as you may have a propriety unit that you can not change the PS in, if that is the case I would start looking at a new case that will accept your existing M'Board with a bigger PS but honestly with XP nearing the end of its life cycle you would be better off with newer hardware you will really appreciate it when it comes time to actually sit down and use the computer.


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by wcp In reply to clean xp pro installation

Considering your CPU, the motherboard (MB) may not be quite compatible to Windows XP.

BIOS flash may be in order. Go to the MB website and download the latest BIOS file and flash it.

If this does not work, you should consider a new system.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to clean xp pro installation

My opinion is the 130w power supplies failed your Xp installation. But it is one other possibility. You don?t mentioned the video card parameters. Attention Xp need minimum 800x600 resolution. Myself I mudded installations to systems even lowest, and the XP worked slowly but stable. For example 300 MHz Celeron processor, 256 Mb Ram and 2 G HDD. But I have an 8 Mb Video RAM in Video card.

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