Cleaning an infected hard drive with 2nd party computer

By jimrossy ·
I am trying to fix a friends computer that has been infected with a virus that has her frozen out of many programs in her computer. I want to clean her hard drive with my Drive Erase CD software that I have then reinstall a copy of XP. But her disk drive is not working. So I want to use my computer connected to her computer with a USB cable and run the software on my coputer but pass the data to her computer. I think I know how to do this but I do not want to take a chance in messing up my computer if I can help it. I have all files backed up from my computer. How should I proceed from here?

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I would not make a network connection

by seanferd In reply to Cleaning an infected hard ...

better to replace, even if temporarily, the non-functional CD drive, or use a USB flash drive with this installed on it:

That will wipe the drive.

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I have to agree with seanferd

by SKDTech In reply to I would not make a networ ...

Get a USB CD drive or install a new CD drive and use that to first DBAN the drive and then to reinstall the OS.

Besides, they may want their non-functional drive replaced anyway. Much simpler and less prone to error than trying to network the two via USB or ethernet and risking infection of your own PC just to wipe and reinstall.

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Or I would recommend removing the HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cleaning an infected hard ...

Fitting it to a Suitable USB Enclosure and wiping it from there. If you setup some sort of Network you will only achieve infecting your computer and be no better off.


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