Cleaning virus and adware from computer

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I help my family and friends with their computers when they have problems. One of them is adware and viruses. I have several scanning software I like to use (spybot, malwarebytes, windows defender). In order to install these applications I must hook their computer up to the internet. I don'w want to do it on my network and allow some virus or adware to jump to my computers. If I create a hotspot with my android phone for their computer to connect to. Is there any danger it will infect my phone?


Also if you have any favoriate cleaning software please feel free to mention it.

Thanks again.
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Given how much has changed over the years.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Cleaning virus and adware ...

While I've yet to see a virus in over a decade, I do see malware and adware. Adware has yet to propagate over a network. Malware might try but your hotspot should suffice.

That said I never bothered to go as far as you since we haven't seen any malware, adware or such be able to infect other connected PCs. Now if someone had really old OSes like Windows XP or 7 or they had "guest" sharing turned then that could be a problem but few run those old OSes and even fewer make those guest shares. I can't guess your setups so for you, keep doing what you wrote about. is the opposite but the answer either way is the same. Which is "technically it is possible."

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Re: malware

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Cleaning virus and adware ...

Another option is to turn off your other computers while you work on one you don't trust. |nstalling software doesn't take that much time, so - if you're the only user of the network - it's not a serious problem for anybody.

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