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Cleanup Procedures to get better PC performance

By b99scotti ·

On a monthly basis I do a cleanup of our stand alone PCs to ensure that performance is at its best. Can you tell me besides using ChkDsk and DeFrag, are there any other things that I should be doing to ensure healthy machines with maxium performance?

Thanks in advance.

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Registry Cleanup

by Scarecrow71 In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

I routinely do a registry cleanup to get rid of any redundant settings. The registry is the brains of windows and a badly clogged registry can not oly slow your pc down but affect the running of some applications.

A recent cleanup of my wifes pc fixed an AOL signon problem she had had for months.

The other thing I would suggest is clearing temporary internet files and cookies.

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and after the Registry Cleanup

by noorman In reply to Registry Cleanup

I would perform a registry defragmentation/optimization.
For personal use I have a small pgm from a German guy.
For professional use you could use 'Advanced Registry Optimizer'
With this one, you can backup registry and files of your choice, then Clean registry, then Defrag registry ...

If cleanup and defrag of the registry hasn't been done in a while, you will notice improved performance after you do!

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Many moons ago...

by mlayton In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

There was a checklist called "ultimate preventative maintenance checklist" on TechRepublic. I used it a lot - it could stand to be updated, but it is a good place to start. Look in the downloads.

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Get rid of spyware

by JTaylor637 In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

I'd recommend you add Spybot Search & Destroy to your regimen...

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Registry Cleanup

by rudder73 In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

I use a prog named Registry Mechanic. I used it for 9X and am now using it for XP. My system runs faster now with the registry problems repaired.

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Another Registry Cleaner

by justaperson In reply to Registry Cleanup

I use RegVac. It has a novice mode which requires no interaction. I have seen it make a world of difference on Windows 98 PCs (and helps XP also). Backup your registry before using it however - I have seen it kill software.

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Check fans and vents

by TheChas In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

Beyond keeping the software clean, take the time to check the system fans and air vents.

Stopping dust from building up before it causes a problem is very worthwhile.

On the software side, I would add cleaning out the Temporary Internet files and the Windows\Temp folder before running chkdsk and defrag.


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by mgosselin In reply to Cleanup Procedures to get ...

Spyware is the most common antagonist in my work. It can cause so many different "issues" that affects performance that I make spyware audits a regular thing.

The two most common are Ad-Aware and Spybot. They can both be downloaded from Make sure before you use them to check for updates - as they come packaged pretty outdated. also make sure that you are scanning all of your drives.

CAVEAT TO REGISTRY CLEANERS - BACUP REGISTRY FIRST - EVERY TIME!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. all you have to do is click on start - run - regedit and you're in the registry. ONE WRONG MOVE AND YOU'VE CRASHED YOUR COMPUTER. To aleviate this concern, just click on File, Export - then export is to a disk in case you crash out - you can restore the registry from disk.

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Adaware Licensing

by gpartridge In reply to Spyware

Just to let you know the free downloadable version of adaware is not licenced for corporate users.

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Waste of time

by ozirrac In reply to Spyware

I got tired of fighting worms, viruses & spyware. I got fed up with the slow poky scandisk & defrag & I hated that mysterious void called the registry. Who has time for that? I have a business to run. So I did something about it. I migrated everything to Linux. Now computing is fun and safe again. It's not as easy or as friendly as Windows & it may not be right for you, but the next time you run defrag,scandisk, check for spyware & viruses, reboot or try to make sense of the registry, you could use that idle time to learn Linux. The learning curve is a bit steep, but it was worth it to me. It took me about 2 years to get comfortable enough to completely leave Windows behind. If you get fed up like me, give Linux a spin. Who knows, you may like it and start doing what you do best: running your business. Did I mention the money I'm saving on software licenses?

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