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Clear Log files Exchange2003

By jpknox287 ·
My exchange log files are taking up alot of space. I ran a backup of the information store using NTbackup but i do not know how to clear the log files any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Which log files?

by bkinsey In reply to Clear Log files Exchange2 ...

Which exchange log files are you talking about? There are different ones, and some are MUCH more important than others. . . .

Database transaction logs: These will live in your information store location (%programfiles%\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA by default, at least foor 2003). They are named E*******.log, where the ******** are sequential number/letter combinations, and are all 5,120 KB in size. They are also automatically deleted after you do a full backup. If these are what you're talking about, and they're still there after running a backup, either your backup isn't doing what you think it's doing, or there's a problem. Don't manually delete these unless you're sure you know what you're doing, or you lose the ability to recover your database in the event of a crash.

Message tracking logs: Stored in \Program Files\Exchsrvr\server_name.log by default. Variable size. These aren't critical. They just keep track of messages sent and received by the server - it's what you see when you use the Message Tracking Center in System Manager. Delete if you want, with the realization you won't be able to track messages contained in the deleted logs any longer.

Those are probably the main possibilities. Others might include MTA logs (under exchsrvr\mtadata - may not be anything, depending on your configuration), SMTP logs if you've configured your server to log SMTP (live under Windows\system32\logfiles, with names of SMPTSVC1, and are just regular log files that can be safely deleted if you don't need them, and maybe others, depending.

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transaction logs

by jpknox287 In reply to Which log files?

Thank you for the reply... My transaction logs have grown to 36 gigs they are located on the E of my server the backup finishes successfully and event viewer says that the logs have been backed up and deleted but it only list a range of about 5 logs...I am running a full backup of the first storage group using ntbackup...any suggestions

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Hm. . .

by bkinsey In reply to transaction logs

So the backup is deleting, but not all of them? Do you have dates older than the backup on some of the remaining log files? (You'd almost have to in order to have 36 GB worth, I'd think, but just to be sure. . . )

Anyway, Exchange will lock those files as long as it's running. So in order to delete the old ones you know you don't need, you'd have to temporariliy stop at least the Information Store service, and maybe the System Attendant, although I don't think so. . .

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Old Logs

by jpknox287 In reply to Hm. . .

I just took over this network...I have logs that were last modified in 2005 i am able to del or move the logs is it safe to do?...Thanks

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by bkinsey In reply to Old Logs

As long as you've got a backup, and all transaction logs since the last backup, you can delete anything older.

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by jpknox287 In reply to Yes

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