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Clear Virus SIRCAM32.

By bobbinaw ·
> Hi eveyone, could someone pls tell me
how to clear SIRCAM virus.
> Really giving me problem!!!!!
> Thanks in advance.

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The Sircam 32 problem.

by w04525 In reply to Clear Virus SIRCAM32.

Due to login problems, i've solved in the meanwhile.
(you receive an e-mail from me but this is the same text).

Take a look at:,

You can find here information to kill the virus. But if the virus was succesfull in spreading, it is likely that it returns via mail. Maybe a suggestion, try antigen for exchange or so. It eleminates most of the known virusus.

You can always try to order norman virus control 5.x. It has an automatic update or if you order the network version it wil distribute it's updates allong the workstations.

(if you have trouble to read the page, please say so, I'll e-mail the contence.

Good luck.

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Cleaning Out Sircam

by jabbott In reply to The Sircam 32 problem.

One of my users recently got Sircammed. Go to, they have a very nice step-by-step instruction on how to remove Sircam from your system.

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sircam solution

by rmcog In reply to The Sircam 32 problem.

I had to suffer a lot due to this sircam virus.And honestly symnatec's sircam removal tool is not at all good enough to kill the virus if your machine is in network.Most important it affects the run32.dll and run.dll of the machine.My way of resolving the sircam is stop harddisk sharing of ur machine.Remove ur machine from network.then run symantec's sircam removal tool fixsircam.exe and then copy run32.dll andrun.dll from some fresh machine.and restart ur machine.Hope u'll be out of sircam else I've got another great virus romval batch file...mail me...

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Kill Sir Camm

by dchavez In reply to Clear Virus SIRCAM32.

Or go to Symantec website. They have this removal tool that is downloadable and easy to use.

It is under the Removal Tool section.

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Symantec Sircam remover is great

by admin In reply to Kill Sir Camm

I've done it by hand, but for a quick(well -compared to hand edits) fix that fits on a floppy, it works really well. I carry it with my cd-disk wallet everywhere I go these days.....

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this should help it did for me

by jmdurocher In reply to Clear Virus SIRCAM32.

Summary: This document contains information about, detection, and removal of the SirCam@mm virus.

W32/SirCam@MM Virus Removal Instructions

Virus Type: File Infector
Minimum Engine: 4.0.70
Minimum DATS Needed for Cleaning: 4148

Stand alone cleaner

Download from the following site: <>

Please follow these instructions to run the stand alone cleaner.

Double click the My Computer icon (top left corner of your Desktop).

Double click the C drive icon

Click on File in the tool menu

Go to New

Click on Folder

Type Scremove

Hit Enter

Extract the into the new directory c:\scremove

Now go into the c:\scremove directory and double click Remove.bat

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