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clearing the sample invoice spreadsheet

By tassavvas ·
I just came across Bob Johnson's sample_invoice spreadsheet (March 20, 2001) and his articles on error handling and Data Validation drop down lists, which I found very useful.

I've modified this to suit my needs but the problem I have is once I've printed up an invoice for one customer, and saved it, I would like to clear the name and products on this invoice so I can prepare a new invoice. If I have only 1 product to clear that's fine but how can I clear, say 20 lines? I've been selecting and deleting but that clears all the formulas I've entered and then the Data Validation/Drop down lists don't work.

How can I setup a macro that will clear the cells but still retain the formulas? Or perhaps even have a blank entry appear in the drop down list which I can then select and clear the cell?


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by DKlippert In reply to clearing the sample invoi ...

One answer would be to save the original Workbook as a Template.
Then use File>New to open it.
This will allow you to create a fresh copy every time.

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by dagadam In reply to clearing the sample invoi ...

It's Bob Here ...

I haven't been on this site for a while.


You can add a blank row at the top of your list definition to create a blank entry.

Heres how:

A sample data list is from AA5:AA10, out of sight from the main part of the sheet, when you define the named range define it AA4:AA10. This will give you a blank entry at the top of the list.

This should help you out a bit.

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