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    Cleveland IT Jobs & Salaries


    by qb4006 ·

    Cleveland IT Salaries??
    This goes out to all IT guys/gals in the Cleveland, OH area.

    I need a little advice. I am considering relocating to this area so my spouse can be closer to family. Can someone tell me what the salaries are like in the Cleveland area for a network admin. I have 8 yrs experience, MCSE (NT4), A+, Bachelors Degree and I currently handle the support of a network of Win 2k, 3k and NT servers, XP and 2k workstations/laptops for about 90 users. I also do PBX and voicemail for the office.

    Any info on Cleveland IT salaries for this skill set would be great.


    From: qb4006 Date: 09/15/04

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