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By clgii1 ·
I have had DirecTV for about three months. Last night the electricity went out in my neighborhood and when it came back on the DVR/HD box in my living room rebooted and works fine. However, the HD box in my bedroom and the two non-HD boxes in my children?s rooms show ?searching for signal?. I called DirecTV and went through all of the reset steps and they still do not word. DirecTV wants me to pay to have a service tech come out to fix the problem. I have two questions; what would cause one box to work and three to not work, and If I am paying to lease DirecTV?s equipment, isn?t it DirecTV?s responsibility to provide the service I?m paying to receive?

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Could be a power surge

by NexS In reply to CLGII1

Which has damaged some internals of your box.

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Quite often when Power Surges happen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CLGII1

You need to unplug the device for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

This allows the electronics to reset themselves and if they are undamaged work properly.

So did Direct TV suggest this to fix the boxes not working or did they just have you run through the setup procedure?


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