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Cli/Svr issue: slow, slow, & access prob

By patriccio ·
I run a small network - Server 2000 w/XP clients. We use a Linux proxy server, Linux email server. The issue at hand seems to be Windows-only-
Our business manager relies heavily on an accounting program called Logos. Not only is his computer unbelievably slow these days, sometimes he cannot access the program at all; fortunately, he can sit at our fileserver, where the actual data resides, and login and do his entry.
Logos is a FoxPro-developed product, and most of the time on our network it's just fine. I have noticed in previous times that for some reason even though he logs out, the program shows him as still being logged in; that has caused issues before, but IT'S NOT THE CASE NOW.
What I'm needing help with is:
1) Is this a network permissions issue (server-side), or is the application having an issue in interacting with the network?
2) What the **** is making his computer go so slowly? Could it be the antivirus software (TrendMicro's Trend Office Scan WinNT, and the server runs ServerProtect). He's got 512 MB Ram, and there's no apparent reason for his access to be so slow.
3) I'm probably not seeing something obvious here, and I'm happy to add more info if you need it.

I really look forward to your help! Thanks!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cli/Svr issue: slow, slow ...

wow. gotta start narrowing down the possibilities...
he is the only one with this problem? can you see if he can login and use the foxpro application at another workstation (not sit at the server) this will tell you it's nothing to do with his network permissions and/or foxpro user account (if no problems at another workstation). then you can concentrate on his workstation as source. if worked fine and suddenly have a problem, consider hardware. swap nic, examine cables, change media sense from auto to 10MB half that...

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by patriccio In reply to Cli/Svr issue: slow, slow ...

Yes, he's the only one with the problem. One interesting problem: on his box, when I try to scan the C drive with the TrendMicro OfficeScan 3 product, it hangs on scanning its own directory; very weird behavior, and I end up having to do a hard, cold reboot. Totally nasty, and no other box has that trouble. I'm suspicious of the antivirus software...

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by kmartin.home In reply to Cli/Svr issue: slow, slow ...

first thing I would do is uninstall the trend anti-virus, download a reputable free anti virus (I use AVG from

Make sure there are no sinister processes running on the machine that might indicate viral activity.

Install the new anti-virus, get latest definitions, run a full scan.

Go get an anti-trojan program, such as SpySweeper, and Lava Softs Ad-aware and run them both.

Check the network performance without going into the application, for example by timing a large file copy from the network to the PC (compare this with the times from other PCs).

Install the latest drivers for the network card, make sure there are no collission lights on the hub for his connection, and lock the media speed down if it's a switching card (like 10/100) - that will depend on the speed of your network.

If that doesn't work, let us know what's happening.

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by patriccio In reply to

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by patriccio In reply to Cli/Svr issue: slow, slow ...

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