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I am working with a dell laptop xp home. client uses clickfree usb backup. auto backup does not work. shows up under my computer. has yellow exclamation in device manager.

here is the catch. it shows up under dvd/cd rom in device manager not hard disk. with the dvd rom also having a yellow exclamation and does not show up under my computer. I can access all the files on the external drive. But i can't get it to auto back up. says it cannot find cd rom letter

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Yellow exclamation point means "not working"

by seanferd In reply to Click Free backup

You need to fix the drivers for those devices.

Try this: In Device Manager, right click each device marked with the exclamation points, and choose Uninstall. Then reboot. Windows may take a minute to re-install the devices, but check Device Manager to see if they are now shown with no problems.

(You can also look at the properties for the device to see why there is a problem, but if the message is not enlightening, try the procedure I've posted.)

If there are still problems, follow the same procedure, but instead of rebooting, turn off the computer, disconnect the devices, then boot. Once the boot process is complete, shut down again. Reconnect the devices and reboot.

If this still does not help, try finding and installing updated drivers for the devices.

You may also try uninstalling the backup software, then reinstalling.

Is a version of the Nero CD burning software installed? Or multiple burning apps? These may also cause conflicts and break things.

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