ClickFree DVD Copy protection

By valmir_piaia ·
Does anyone know how Clickfree DVDs are protected? Is there a kind of API to generate the protection. I am developing a software to be embeded in a DVD+R media (the same media ClickFree uses) and need some information on how to protect it.
If you know some vendor that can do this just let me know, ok?

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Sounds dodgy to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ClickFree DVD Copy protec ...

You're developing security software but you don't know how it works?

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by valmir_piaia In reply to Sounds dodgy to me ...

Hi There,

Maybe we are having a misunderstanding here... I am not developing a "Security Software", I am developing a "Business Software" that is intended to be embeded in a media disk. I wont be enable to sell my software until I find a way to protect it... Thats my question... Which vendor has developed ClickFree protection? I will contact this vendor to sell the same type of protection to me... Regards.

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protect it...

by ---TK--- In reply to Misunderstanding....

With a SLA or "end-user license agreements".. this link should help a little... or give you another out look on the subject.

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