Client computer slow

By naderihadi ·

I have a network of 15 computers connected to server SBS 2003. They claim that sometimes their computers go too slow and they cannot work. What could be the problem. I checked the networking tab in task manager and the network connection varies between 1 to 18 % and the internet connection is 0.5% to 4%


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Have you checked...

by tmalo627 In reply to Client computer slow

the bandwith and CPU usage on your SBS?

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further information

by naderihadi In reply to Have you checked...

CPU usage is roughly 1%
Which bandwidth are u talking.
internal 100Mb
internet 8 MGb

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by naderihadi In reply to further information

Let me add that we have Symantec Endpoint protection installed on our machines.


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Are all your PC's in one location?

by tmalo627 In reply to further information

Or are they at different sites? If they're all at one location, check the internal bandwith consumed on the SBS. 100Mb would be your total available. If your bandwith usage is maxed out and your CPU usage is still pretty low, you might want to upgrade to Gb NIC's.

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by naderihadi In reply to Are all your PC's in one ...


Yes thay are all in one server.
I would appreciate if you could kindly assist me how i can benefit from NIC.
I can give u my direct email if u wish. This issue is giving us so much grief.


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Let's confirm first

by tmalo627 In reply to answer

It really sounds to me that the problem you are having is because your SBS's bandwith is being completely consumed, but as of yet it doesn't seem to be confirmed. Open up your performance monitor on the server and ad a counter for your network interface > total bandwith. If its usage is maxed out consistently. Then, yes you should upgrade to the Gb NIC's (Gb=Gigabit, NIC=Network Interface Card). Keep in mind, you will need at least Cat. 5e making all connections to get the benefit of the new cards.

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Well it really sounds if at certain Times

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Client computer slow

The Network usage is very high so you may need to schedule whatever it is that is running and consuming the available Bandwidth which makes it impossible to work.

You can try Wireshark available here to monitor your Network Usage and Traffic

Make sure to read the directions available on their Web Site here


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Have you isolated

by Jacky Howe In reply to Client computer slow

one of the machines and checked for Virus/Malware activity. If not WireShark should find it for you if it is the problem.

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