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client could not connect... using 2 VPNs

By clestafford ·
Using the remote desktop connection (W XP or W2000 client) to connect to our Windows 2003 Terminal server, my (cingular wireless card) laptop gets the error "client could not connect to the remote computer...".
1. Cingular wireless card
2. CISCO VPN to connect our office
3. Then, MS VPN to our supplier.
Note, there is no problem when I am at the office using MS VPN to our supplier only.

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by Maevinn In reply to client could not connect. ...

Which piece isn't working? Is it able to connect to your office?

The most common problems I've had revolved around the address to use...Internal to the network, we had one IP, but a different one for connections coming through the firewall. Gives the same message, either way. Oh--and because I don't know if you're testing it or going on the word of someone who may not be technically hip, make sure the computer is connecting--internet opens, something similar to verify.

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by Dumphrey In reply to client could not connect. ...

If you are using the Cisco vpn client, I assume you are using Cisco equipment as a vpn endpoint. If this is the case, you need to check if it will allow "u turn" traffic. But most likely it is an addressing issue or permission issue. Look and see if you are "fully" authenticated against the domain when you vpn through Cisco. If not, the MS VPN may not have you as a valid user. Try vpn into network, RDC to another machine, and try to MS VPN to supplier from there. May help determine if its permissions or not.

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