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Client denied access to server

By malcolm ·
I have a 2 computer network, the server acting set up with "Internet Connection Sharing".

I have been able to share files between client and server. When using the client, I'm asked to logon to the server when I request access to a shared drive/folder on the server.

Whenever I try this now, I get "The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer", and goes no further.

I haven't made any intentional config changes, I've scanned for viruses, checked local security policy to see I'm not denied access via the network, removed Norton NIS just in case, but all without a solution.

Any ideas greatfully received....


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Client denied access to server

by malcolm In reply to Client denied access to s ...

I forgot to mention, this is Windows 2000 pro.

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drastic times

by ticoun36 In reply to Client denied access to s ...

suggest the client has undergone some config change either on the server user profile or on the client domain settings. would check the internet connection on the client sounds like it is requiring a secure logon or some dambed thing, and it just can't talk to the server share till it gives one. just a hunch.

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by malcolm In reply to drastic times

I've just tried the client on a different networked pc and can logon without problem.

Via the suspect server, the client can access the internet through internet connection sharing, so there is a data path for this service and LAN is working, so sounds like the problem is at the server, but what?

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sounds like account details

by ticoun36 In reply to

Just to remind you if this is something you have not considered. The account for the computer must be enabled. Like the computer is not the problem.

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maybe a firewall problem?

by andros_nic In reply to sounds like account detai ...

just wondering if this is a simple firewall problem.With norton security i had to manually add the i.p. of the other computer in the trusted network.
If this doesn't work i would try the good old solution.... restart!!
Good luck!

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maybe I was wrong...

by kawarimi In reply to maybe a firewall problem?

I did faced this too, its very frustrating, I use to type the PC name at the addr. bar like ( \\abc\folder\ ), but sometimes it did pop out that error msg, as you mentioned, so then I will try direct type the IP of the workstation (192.168.....\folder) then TADA!! I'm in. :)

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