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Client not remaining

By randerson7 ·
I have had continued problems with a Win ME machine and decided to take it back down to Win 98. Everything seems fine, but the Novell client. I have been unable to load on the Client for W95/98. The first time it told me that TCIP/IP needed to be loaded, which it would do, and then commence reboot. Upon reinstalling the client, and after reboot again, the Novell splashscreen appears, but no client login. I have repeated this many times. any suggestions. I do have Inoculate running in the background. This is a Athlon 2000 with 256 MB ram.

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by bchesmer In reply to Client not remaining

Could be a few reasons;

1. Your network card is not initializing with the installed drivers.

2. Your Novell client is not seeing a Novell server to log into.

3. Novell is not setup as the default login.

Check these & reply back with more info if needed.

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by randerson7 In reply to

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by Mark In reply to Client not remaining

Which version of Netware are you running? Some older versions run on 802.3 IPX frame type and your network card must be set to match or you have the symptom you describe.

If you are running only TCP/IP, you may want to try clearing the TCP/IP Stack on the workstation. Take everything out of Networking, tell it not to restart. Then Go into the registry and delete HKLM\Services\Winsock & Winsock2, also under VXD delete the same 2 keys. (if you need the full paths, let me know, I'm in a hurry right now). Then reboot and resetup the network.

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by randerson7 In reply to

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by randerson7 In reply to Client not remaining

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