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I worked for a company whose client paid them for my time/service. When I left the company, I was asked to keep my leaving as a secret. Later on, I was asked to provide my login credentials to client system. I am concerned about giving this password, especially because my leave is not announced, because I worry about someone posing as me to the client. Any help on this matter will be greately appreciated.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to client password

Boy what a sticky situation. If the account is owned by the client, then it is up to your former company to let the client know you have left, especially if the account was created in YOUR name not the company's. I would be wary too. Sounds a bit shady to me...

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Send a personal email to the client, informing them...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to client password

Of your imminent departure, wishing them well and assuring them of continued support from whomever replaces you within the company.

DO NOT tell your present company you have done so.

ONLY THEN would I revoke your credentials and relinquish your password/login.

If anyone then chooses to pose as you, their steadfast footing will instantly come apart at the seams.

I should know - I did this once. Said personage had egg on face for months. :)

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