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By dmmcgrue ·
I have an application that runs on a Windows 2000 server using SQL 2000. Users interact with this application via a web browser (IE 6.0). The application is a very user friendly project managerment tool that calculates start/late dates for both stand-alone tasks as well as those that are inter-dependent. The problem is:when accessing this application, via web browser, on the server, the response time is reasonable, but when accessed from any other workstation on the network, the response time is very slow. My network is fiber, CAT 5, 3 closets, with 10/100 switches. Can anyone list possible reasons for slower access time for workstations versus on the server. The server as well as all workstations have 100 NIC.

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I will need more information in order to troubleshoot this. But, I can offer some leading questions:

- If the problem were slowness on your network, you would see it in other applications. Do you?

- When you say response time is reasonable when browsing on the server directly, exactly what happens? Is there a large SQL query that takes some time? How long does it take to render the page?

- When you say it is slow when accessed remotely, exactly what happens? Does the browser continue in a "downloading" mode (IE flag waving) "forever"? Does the transaction eventually complete but it takes a long time? If it does complete, is all of the data displayed (text, graphics, etc)?

- Is there a lot of data being transmitted to the browser? How many bytes? (View->Source)

- Is the HTML sent complex or simple? How so? If the pages are complex, a slow CPU on the workstation could be a significant factor.

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by anatoli.gochman In reply to Client/Server Application

Still it can be a network issue. Check the duplex settings of the switch and of the NIC. They both should have the same value - best - Full Duplex. Don't relay on the setting 'Auto', it does not recognize the full duplex in some cases

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by emad_yacoub In reply to Client/Server Application

slow network access can be discribed in most cases with I am searching for the server, where is my server?.

make sure that the web site that resides the application is being identified in the DNS, and also make sure that the Workstations can access and communicate with your LAN DNS. ( workstation is identified in active directory joined the Domain) and whether using DHCP or fixed IP please make sure that every workstation is identified in the DNS.

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by richard.t.stevens In reply to Client/Server Application


You may want to look into optimizing your databases. We had a similar situation with a vendors db application and thought it was the network. Once we approached the vendor about this, they optimized their database and it was noticably faster. Also, the size of the database would be a factor also. If the db server has to satisfy the query and traverse through thousands of records, this could lead to slowness

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