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Client-server "Interception" of messages

By Arch-Angel ·
I'm trying to develop an application for my final IT project (part-time degree). Specifically I'm proposing the development of an application that works alongside an on-line poker client. The application will work by the user entering the cards dealt, the application calculates odds etc. before returning the results to the user.

There are commerical applications that do this - but they read in the information (cards dealt, bets etc.) automatically. The commercial applications seem to "intercept" messages passed between the client and sever, translating them into a standard form for the application to use.

Is this possible? If so how is it done? I don't want (or expect) a hand-holding session that the dishonest out there could work with. However, I do need to move beyond my conception of what is happening and explain (implement would be better but not essential given the security protocols that are no doubt being run) what needs to happen. Academic papers would be particularly useful.

And before anyone mentions the ethical and legal issues don't worry - I'll be bringing those up as well in my final report!

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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What I've seen in the past...

... is that someone isn't actually intercepting the communication between client and server, but simply reading the window contents of the client and know how to interpret them. Granted, the last time I looked at a piece of code that did this, it was AOHell for AOL version 1.65 (or whatever version that was back in '94 or so), so take that with a humoungous grain of salt...

Boy, that brings back some memories, |33t speak and chronic.wav...


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