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client Systems gets hanged up during a particular time period

By ajaycec2 ·
I have a my network i have a windows 2003 server(its machine config is same as the client machine) with around 12 machines connected to it.All the client machines run winxp sp2.When the clients try to login to the access the shared folders of the server,Their system gets hanged up.This happens usually when all of them try to login within a time period of one hour.Then i have to disconnect the sessions manually on the server.Is there anyway to stop this practice and allow them to login normally and without getting stuck.Also can u suggest a method for making the network response faster.We use a 100Mbps Lan card but it does not use its full potential.Pls help me

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by robo_dev In reply to client Systems gets hange ...

The second problem is probably related to the first problem. Make sure that all network cards are set to 100Mbs, full duplex, and that the network hardware (switch or hub) allows the server and clients to connect at this speed.

If the lan cards and/or switch are misconfigured, the card may attempt to connect at 100mbs full duplex, but the switch will allow it to connect at something like 10mbs half duplex. Such a misconfiguration could cause the 'getting stuck' issue you are having.

You could also have a bad cable and/or some faulty hardware.

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