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Client with Outdated Software/Systems wants my help - what would you do?

By Skol2you ·

I need someone else's experience or guidance on how to handle a GOOD customer that has totally outdated software and hardware without losing them as a customer.

Long story short - W2K Server running 2 3rd party phone audit and timesheet software. One software company not in business anymore, the other one has new software but this guy won't upgrade anything but the "hardware".

My issue: He wants his son to purchase a new server (not-knowing if win2k will run on it (drivers etc.) and then wants ME to move all the data from the old machine to the new one AND install the old software with updates.

Personally, I do not feel comfortable installing anything unless I know for a fact that it is compatible with what I need.

THis client saves EVERYTHING and will not upgrade to a new server, or upgrade the software. I am to call him tomorrow to discuss what the next step is.

I really don't want any part of this because I KNOW there will be many many issues and problems.

So, without losing him as a customer - how would you handle this?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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This belongs in the Q&A area not here, but

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Client with Outdated Soft ...

The older operating system is NOT likely to run on the newer hardware due to lack of hardware drivers. You may have to consider loading a current version Linux and running the old applications in WINE, or load Win 7 if you can find a copy and see if the applications will run in the XP mode.

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