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    Clipper Summer 87 Question


    by jackie_wong ·

    Dear ALL
    My Company insurance software using clipper Summer 87 made. So i do some modify after re-open show error message as “DBFNTX/1003 open error CURICODE.NTX (open error 4),I have click default with show DBFNTX/1003 open erroe ISDPRN.DBF Open error (Dos error 4). I have click quick with show DBCMB/2001 ORD21STADD. Anybody have help me solve this problems and give suggest or solution to me with fix it this problems.

    Jackie Wong

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      Clipper Summer 87 Question

      by mark l ·

      In reply to Clipper Summer 87 Question

      I do not know the specific software you are having problems with. I offer simple fix only.

      Backup the entire affected application.
      Backup the entire system the affected application sits on.

      Make extra backups of both application(s), data,and system.

      If you have hardware to PARRELLEL your production server do so. If not, ask your boss why? Only other option at this point: (?)

      Build ‘mirror image’ of problem system. Re-install initall software, overlay curent data. Can’t do that?

      Drop PRODUCTION server, and do same … *this is a succeed or fail* task. choose your choices accordingly.

      Regards: 🙂
      mlv//Mark LeVeck computer system support WORK:314.495.8296. home:618.593.7439

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      Clipper Summer 87 Question

      by lucik ·

      In reply to Clipper Summer 87 Question

      It looks like you have not enough handles for files.
      If in DOS try more files in config.sys, FILE=


      Here some hints from Norton Guide :

      DOS Error Messages
      4 Too many open files (no handles left)

      DBFNTX/1003 Open error (index)

      Action: Check to make sure that the specified file exists. If the
      file is not in the directory where the application runs, use SET DEFAUL
      or SET PATH to make the file accessible or specify the full path name
      where the file can be found. In a network environment, make sure the
      application has the necessary rights to access the file. If the file i
      available only for read access, use the READONLY clause on the USE or
      SET INDEX command.

      CA-Clipper’s default error handler (Errorsys.prg) will set NETERR() to
      true (.T.) and will ask DBFNTX to default if the error was due to a
      sharing violation on the network.

      See Also: USE command, SET INDEX command, Network Programming
      chapter in the Programmi

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      Clipper Summer 87 Question

      by jackie_wong ·

      In reply to Clipper Summer 87 Question

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