Clock randomly changing on random systems

By brian ·
I have approx. 80 to 90 systems in many different office locations. The PC's are all Dell Optiplex GX 320, 330, or 360 models. The clock randomly resets itself back exactly 1 hour on random PC's. The systems are not running through a domain, however they are all connected to the same network. All settings are the same (IE clock sync and Daylight savings time check box is unchecked), except for the service packs, some are SP2 and some SP3 (Windows XP). I have checked the BIOS to see if it has an option for the clock to adjust for daylight savings time so I could disable it, however it does not. Does anybody have any ideas as to why they are doing this.

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Which machines are changing the time?

by patb071 In reply to Clock randomly changing o ...

Are all the machines running SP3 changing the time correctly and not SP2? the daylight savings time changed a week earlier last year, so next week you should see all the times to be the same.

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literally random....

by brian In reply to Which machines are changi ...

Quite literally, random machines, some running SP3, some SP2, some GX320's, some GX330's, and some GX360' I said...quite random, with no ryme or reason for it.

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by Bapster In reply to Which machines are changi ...

Good Point, prior to SP3, and when daylight savings (date was changed) we had to apply a patch to our machines in order for them to work properly during the DST switch over/and back.

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by brian In reply to Patch..

Yes, however was it a microsoft patch, and as well, if SP3 has the patch built in, shouldn't the SP3 machines not be affected (though they are)?

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by balge In reply to yes...however

maybe, if they were getting their time from an unpatched machine?
why not update all the machines to the same point ?

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DST time

by toy_soldier40 In reply to Clock randomly changing o ...

There is a dst patch.

but is the BIOS time ok.

Also you could use the net time command in the login scripts

net time \\timesrv /set


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interesting fix....

by brian In reply to DST time

As I was searching through the many different possibilities, I found that each system that was having this issue was auto syncing to server:

I changed the auto sync to and the problem seems to have resolved.... it is strange as to what was going on, but it seems to be working!

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