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    Clock & startup problems


    by hogwildz ·

    I have 2 problems, not sure if they relate to eachother or not.
    1. My clock will not keep correct time, when I shutdown at night and restart in morning, the clock is hours off. If I do a shutdown and start up minutes later its fine, only happens when its off for a few hours or more.
    2. I hit the power switch to turn the comp on and nothing. Its a case edge mid tower. Now the funny part…If I tap or smack the side of the case near the switch, It will fire up usually. I am thinking on trying a new 5 dollar switch. But with the clock problem I am wondering if I have power supply problems. The system is about 2 yrs old.
    System info:
    P4 2g
    512(2-256) rambus ram
    Win XP Pro
    Intel 850MVL MB
    Case Edge P4certified case
    I forget think the power is 350w
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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      Reply To: Clock & startup problems

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Clock & startup problems

      The real-time clock gets power from 1 of 2 sources.

      When the motherboard is not connected to a power supply, or the power supply is not connected to AC power, the RTC uses the CMOS back-up battery.
      2 years is a very short life for the battery, but it would not hurt to change it.

      When the PC is off, but the power supply is still plugged in (ATX only).
      The RTC runs off of the 5 volt standby power from the power supply..

      If for any reason, the 5 volt standby voltage is low, the RTC would be the first thing to have a problem.

      Here is what I would do:

      Verify that both the power cord and power cable are securely seated in their sockets.

      Check / replace the CMOS battery.

      Check the power switch with an ohm-meter.
      It should read as an open circuit until you press it.
      When pressed, it should read nearly 0 ohms.

      Check the 5 volt standby line from the power supply. It should be at 5 volts +/- .25 volts.


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      Reply To: Clock & startup problems

      by hogwildz ·

      In reply to Clock & startup problems

      Thanks for your info, I forgot to mention I replaced the battery about a month ago, did’t change a thing. I’ll test the switch and power source. Maybe Ill just buy a new case LOL, this ones a lil grungy.

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