Clone A Hard Drive? Help Please.

By runningbear682006 ·
i am looking to clone a hard drive with lynx on it,i like lynx and want it on another computer,so i was told to look for seagate seawizard and not disk wisard, but can not find it.please help. or is there one i can get that will not harm the hard drive i am trying to clone,i do not want to mess up the good hard drive.

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Couple of things.

by seanferd In reply to Clone A Hard Drive? Help ...

Lynx? The web browser? Just install it on the other computer. Same with any app.

There is no seawizard. There is seatools and there is disk wizard. You want disk wizard.

( http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/ )

You can't clone a drive and stick into another machine and expect it to boot. Won't happen. Besides, you'd then have the same registered OS (assuming a proprietary OS like Windows) on two machines, which also will not work.

As I said, I'd just install Lynx on the other machine.

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Two free cloning programs.

by dldorrance In reply to Clone A Hard Drive? Help ...

Either runs off a bootable CD.
Download and burn the CD as an iso image.



The Seagate cloning program likely will not work unless at least one of the hard drives in the system is a Seagate. Ditto for Western Digital's cloning program.

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Macrium Reflect

by RIUKev In reply to Two free cloning programs ...

I've been using Macrium Reflect's free imaging software with great results. If you're looking to make a clone of that master computer, give it a shot.


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From experience - this works!

by Al Cannistra In reply to Macrium Reflect

I have been using Casper - very happy with V5 - they now have V6 available.

This product has saved my clients and - sorry to say, me too!


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clonezilla works great

by Snuffy09 In reply to Clone A Hard Drive? Help ...

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