Clone a MAC address on Cisco ASA 5505

By aminder.boparai ·

I've been trying to clone the MAC address of the
Vlan 2 interface of the Cisco ASA 5505 to match the MAC address of the existing Nortel, so that i get the same ip address from the ISP DHCP server.

All i did was
#Interface vlan 2
#mac address [Mac Address]

when i do the show interface command for Vlan 2
i do see the new MAC but when i plugged in the
cisco after doing the DHCP release on the Nortel
and power off both the Nortel and the cable modem.I am getting a diffrent IP even though our ISP has reserved that IP to MAC.

Am i cloning the MAC right on ASA ?
Please advice.

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I would get into the web interface of the cable modem...

by robo_dev In reply to Clone a MAC address on Ci ...

that would tell you what the cable modem sees.

What type/brand cable modem?

Most of these have a and something complicated like root/admin to login.

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by aminder.boparai In reply to I would get into the web ...

I can certainly try that. But my ISP see the request coming from the same MAC address when i plug in the Cisco . But there DHCP server still
issues a different IP.

I just wanted to make sure that is this the right way to clone a MAC on cisco or do i need to do something else.

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