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Clone Display Problem

By stgeorgeofthe59th ·
I seem to be having the reverse problem to most people.

I have a PC with 2 video cards and monitors. I need to clone the display on both monitors, but all I can get is an extended desktop over both of them.

I have the 'attached' option on the second monitor which is linked to the 'extend desktop...' option so if I enable or disable one of these options the other is enabled or disabled automatically.

So if I uncheck the 'extend desktop...' option the second monitor switches off. The display adaptors are a Cirrus Logic 54xx and a nVidia GeForce 2.

Can anyone help please?


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by ttosun In reply to Clone Display Problem

Why two seperate cards? I would try a single card with dual output. I'm not sure you can achieve your objective using 2 seperate cards. I've never seen it. I'm interested to know if you do get it to work.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Clone Display Problem

Even a single card with 2 outputs tends to give you the extended Desktop so I just use a Video Splitter on the original output and then drive the 2 monitors or how even many are actually needed off the Video Splitter it's really much cheaper and easier to configure.


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by derekpourroy In reply to

What is the point of not addressing the question? Giving solutions that require a purchase is not acceptable, and it doesn't answer the question!

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by Toastydoc In reply to Clone Display Problem

Download the latest nview software from nvidia. Right click on your background to bring up the nView porperties and minimize it to your taksbar. Now, while it is minimized, there should be an option/button to take an extended desktop and turn it into a cloned desktop.

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