Clone Hard Disk and Boot from New hard Disk - Windows Server 2000

By sasika99 ·
Hello everyone!,

Im having a problem with Windows Server 2000.
Initially i had a problem with the hard disks on the machine and then had to replace the hard disks as a solution( bad sectors on them).
SATA hard disks were installed on it.So i used Acronis to clone the hard disk onto the new Hard Disk which is the same size.

Just to give you a description, what i did was i plugged the new HDD to SATA port 2, while the old HDD was plugged into SATA port 0 and cloned the disk using the software available, which happened quite fast. Shut down the machine and then plugged the new HDD to SATA port 0 (which the old hard disk was plugged into) and the old HDD to SATA port 2. (I plugged the old hard disk in also so that i can make a copy of the original HDD on to an external hard disk before returning the defected hard disk to Dell). So then booted the machine and then everything was fine.
The new hard disk shows its two partitions as C: Drive and Drive, and the old hard disk shows its partitions as F: Drive and G: Drive but the system has booted itself from the old hard disk(F: - formally C:)
So thats the problem in brief. Any clues to how this can happen?.. Now the machine cannot boot itself without the old hard disk, which is quite obvious. The new hard disk is shown as the primary hard disk. And all system folders show that its located on the F: Drive.

Any ideas on how i can solve this please and what did i do wrong?

So what i need to do is get the machine to boot itself from the new hard disk.

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OK what I would do here is to Place the New HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Clone Hard Disk and Boot ...

In an External USB Caddy and clone the drive again from the original HDD. With Acronis this involves restarting the unit and the copy is performed in DOS Mode.

When the copy is finished remove the New HDD from the USB Caddy and replace the Old HDD with it then boot the computer.

As to what you did wrong I'm not sure as there are many possibilities but you should never boot a system with the OLD HDD Present after Cloning just to make sure that the Clone was performed correctly.


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Try this method

by cannot-bear In reply to Clone Hard Disk and Boot ...

This problem may caused by two reasons,
1. Acronis failed to update the information after copy the disk;
2. Windows mistaken went into the old OS, as there are two the same OS.

To solve the problem, if you do not want to use other sw, you may try "Fixmbr" command. But I recommend using other SW, for example, partition magic alternative, free for home users, follow the tutorial

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