Cloned Dell HD Booting to Utility Partition not Vista

By capper_r ·
I just recently cloned a Dell HD for a client. I used Acronis True Image and the clone has all of the required partitions but it will only boot to the utility partition. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on here? Is there a better way to clone Dell HD's? Can I edit the MBR to point to the OS partition by default?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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well, there is ghost

by brian In reply to Cloned Dell HD Booting to ...

fist of all, hope all is going well in grove city.....my hometown is erie :) as for cloning hard drives from dell, I have had great luck using norton ghost 2003! It seems that i have never had that problem using ghost.

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It looks

by Jacky Howe In reply to Cloned Dell HD Booting to ...

like the Partition hasn't been marked as Active.

Boot with a Vista DVD and at the recovery command prompt type in these commands pressing the Enter key after each one.


select disk 0

List partition

'you will have to check to see which Partition is the Operating System and its Partition number.

EG: select partition 2


Now type

EXIT to exit the diskpart session

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by capper_r In reply to It looks

First off, thanks for the command line instructions. I am only getting the OEM partition listed (this is the partition with the Dell diagnostic utilities on it ~47 Mb). I know the other partitions are there because when I loaded the image on the drive they were all present and had all of the relevent data.
Is there any way to manually add these partitions to the list? Or, can I reload the drive into my work bench pc and run some utility on it to rebuild the partition list?
Thanks for all the help so far!!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Well...

if you can only see the diagnostic partition Acronis hasn't detected the other partitions properly. This is probably caused because there are two partition types. You could try changing the diagnostic partition to type 07 but take note of what it is as you will have to change it back. PartEdit32 will allow you to do this. What version of Acronis are you using. The reason that I ask is that I have Acronis V.9 and it isn't compatable with Vista.


Edit: forgot to add that you will have to reclone the drive.

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