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Cloned HDD Boot Problem

By dave ·
Last week we had a power spike, my pc would turn on but not boot, even into the bios, thankfully i have another pc which i transfered the hard drive to but when i got past POST it told me the hard drive status was bad, backup & replace, press F1 to resume.
It would boot up then & i did a repair to the OS but every time i turn it on the status bad message keeps showing. I have used norton ghost to clone the drive to a known good HDD but on setting the clone drive as a master & trying to boot i get a message along the lines of "replace disk with a know good one or insert a boot media disk".
Is there any way that i can get round that last message so i can boot from the clone disk or do i have to bite the bullet & start from scratch to rebuild from new?
Any advice is appreciated, many thanks

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by mjd420nova In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

You didn't say what format was used on the old
or the new drive. That may be the beginnings of
the problem. Maybe the spike did damage to the drive, and cloning only replicated the bad area
to the new one. I always make a bootable floppy
or CD, then using FDISK I can delete and install
a new partition and install the OS to that.
FDISK can also determine if the old disk is
still viable.

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by jr_hearty In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

If you're running XP...Boot to the XP setup disk, load the recovery console. At the prompt, you can run FixMBR and chkdsk /R.

Hope this helps.

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by dave In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

The drive is NTFS & i have tried almost everything, surely if i could get the drive to boot then the cloned drive should do the same? I can access both drives if they go in as slaves. When i tried to reinstall/repair xp it told me that the drive didn't have a boot partition & to delete the current partition & recreate it but if i do that i will loose what i already have. Is it possible to use file & settings transfer to copy all files, folders & programs over?

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by jtew In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

I've ran into this this several times, the issue, I think, is that the drives are not identical. most of the times I've ran into it the original drive was a maxtor, and the new drive was a western digital
Typically I endup reinstalling the O/S on the new drive that I've already ghosted. and then reinstall any app that I had. this way I at least still retain my data with out having to move it around. You can also get it to boot correctly with boot manager program that loads before the O/S does.

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by Nilt In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

Since it sounds as though you have 2 drives, I'd leave the cloned data on the questionable one and reinstall fresh on the other. Personally, I'm not fond of the File and Settings Transfer Wizard (F&STW) because the silly thing also grabs unneeded things like temp folders for some reason. It's better, IMO, to copy the My Documents, Favorites and so on over manually. Still, if you're unsure where the data is and/or are uncomfortable with doing so then here's how to work around that issue.

Migrate the data with the F&STW. Once that's finished (it usually takes a while) then download and use the app in the following link. It will clear out all temp folders and more. I advise that you uncheck the Yahoo box during install but it works fine without that.

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by dave In reply to Cloned HDD Boot Problem

Many thanks all for your help, i managed to sort the problem using Acronis Migrate Easy, great program copied all programs & data to a known good drive & booted straight up.
mega happy now & making sure i got all my baby daughters pics on disk lol.

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